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[VIA]Healthcare and Medical Computing
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Healthcare and Medical Computing

Today's medical OEMs are faced with many challenges, ranging from compliance to safety standards, reduction of recurring costs for their products to creating products with additional features and differentiators. Additional challenges such as dramatic increase in compliance and regulatory requirements in both hardware and software are also raising the importance of getting the right medical solutions with good quality.

VIA has a long history as a full-service medical OEM solutions provider, offering quality products and solutions that are innovative, reliable, and with guaranteed longevity. These solutions include application ready platforms, customizable to fully customized products, together with extended software and firmware services. Combining our innovative technology, medical know-how and our ability to support critical medical standards (UL-60601 and EN-60601) and medical QMS (Quality Management System) ISO-13485, VIA is strongly positioned to support medical OEMs for a diverse range of applications. These usage models and applications include ultrasound, diagnostics, POC (Point of Care) terminals, patient monitoring, therapeutic, as well as exercise and fitness equipment.

As a full service medical OEM solutions provider, VIA uniquely offers the widest selection of low-power x86 and ARM based solutions at the board, module, system and platform level, together with a comprehensive line of medical specific I/Os and technologies. Our flexible business model, manufacturing excellence and compliance with high quality and environmental standards, allows our OEM customers to leverage our experience, expertise and resources, leaving them to focus on their value-adds and creating key differentiators.

Whether you are creating a patient diagnostic instrument, a therapeutic device, or a portable imaging device, VIA is the perfect choice for assisting you to deliver products fast time to the market and unique feature-set advantages over your competition.

Digital Hospital Solutions | Interactive eHealthcare Solutions

Robust Roadmap in Various Form Factors
VIA offers a great breadth of product choice in x86, ARM and discrete GPU technologies for mainboards, modules and systems supporting single or multi-core processors to enhance scalability in performance and size for medical and healthcare solutions. In addition, application-ready platforms such as POC (Point-of-Care) terminals or MCA (Medical Clinical Assistance) are also provided to enable medical OEMs to meet changing market requirements and reduce time and cost to market.

Direct and Responsive Technical Support in Hardware, Software and Firmware
VIA provides complete turnkey solutions to help customers avoid compatibility concerns with various components and strong backup and technical support in the silicon level. Our technical teams and service centers in Germany, US, Taiwan and China provide timely support to reduce turnaround time.

Software and Broad Operating Systems Support
VIA supports operating systems including Windows Embedded Compact 7.0, Linux, RTOS (VxWorks), Android and even legacy Windows CE 5.0. Our customers can get BSP (board support package) for the basic configuration of the embedded operating system in a particular platform or add several features into a standard BSP bundle to meet their medical and healthcare requirements.

More Than 7 Years Longevity and Lifecycle Management Support
VIA has true organic expertise at any level by providing our own silicon, boards, modules and systems with extensive know-how capabilities in medical and healthcare applications. VIA understands how product stability, reliability and durability influence decisions on cost maintenance and later upgrades. To ensure quality and availability of components used in projects, our boards and systems are available with more than 7 years longevity and frozen BOM for long-term projects to control and improve overall cost efficiency.

Customized Design

Meet Critical Medical Standards and Certifications
Excellent product quality is at the core of VIA’s commitment to our customers, especially for highly sophisticated medical and healthcare applications. VIA strives to be the best partner possible with our customers by supporting such standards as UL60601 and EN60601 for medical equipment safety and we work with ISO 13485 manufacturer certificated factories for quality management of medical devices to ensure our design and manufacturing are certified under current regulations.

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