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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk Pioneers World´s Smallest Nano USB Drive for Industrial Applications
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Date: 10/17/2012
(TAIPEI, Taiwan - October, 17 2012) - InnoDisk, a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial data storage solutions, recently pioneered the smallest industrial USB storage in the world, appropriately named Nano USB. With an unparalleled size of only 19.4x15.4x6.9mm (WxLxH), the new Nano USB requires just one third the space of its original industrial USB counterpart, making it small enough to avoid any interference with other motherboard components and ensure better case ventilation. When inserted into a USB slot, only 25 percent of the Nano USB device-a mere 5 mm?remains exposed on the motherboard.

As electronic devices and peripherals continue to get smaller, miniaturization is becoming increasingly sought after, especially in the consumer market. For industrial applications, miniaturized embedded components can free up more room for other designs on motherboard and help keep temperatures down. InnoDisk embraces the trend of miniaturization and has been researching and developing a variety of miniaturized embedded components and making leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancements.

However, the Nano USB´s small form factor is just one of its many advantages. A special hardening process is used to manufacture the Nano USB´s gold finger to deliver higher quality data transmission and greater durability than regular USB devices.

To fulfill the industry´s needs, Nano USB is embedded with SLC NAND flash. Moreover, it features enhanced power cycling which ensures data integrity in flash when abnormal power failure happens. (up to 1,000 times).

InnoDisk Nano USB offers several key features which make it more reliable, such as being ESD resistant to 8KV (contact discharge) and 15KV (air discharge). At the same time, it also features a wide operating temperature range from -40o to 85oC, making it well-suited for industrial control applications in a variety of different working conditions.

InnoDisk Nano USB is available in capacities from 1GB to 8GB in order to meet the needs of our customers and provide flexible options. Nano USB can be used for a variety of different tasks, including as an OS boot drive, security key, and for data buffering. Customized VID and PID are also available for the OEM market. For more information on InnoDisk´s product line, range of services, technologies, and applications, please visit
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