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[VIA]VIA Embedded Launches the First ARM-Based Pico-ITX Embedded Board on July 24
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Single core Cortex-A8 Freescale i.MX537 800MHz
1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory size
Up to 64GB of EMMC Flash
4 USB, 2 COM, 1 mini HDMI, 1 VGA, 2 LVDS
Supports Android 2.3, Ubuntu 10.04 and Windows Embedded Compact 7
VIA offers hardware starter kit and BSP package
VIA offers quick turnaround customized design with software development
VIA offers application-ready platform for different markets
VAB-800 Datasheet (PDF)
VAB-800 Product Webpage
VAB-800 Image Kit
  Target Markets
  Automotive Applications 
The VAB-800 board is designed for applications that require advanced user interfaces, sophisticated video processing, 3D/2D graphics, multiple connectivity options (including CAN) and a high level of system integration. These features enable the VAB-800 board to deliver enhanced device connectivity and user experience for in-vehicle systems.

Consumer Applications
The VAB-800 board supports 1080p multi-standard video playback with industry-leading low power consumption. With an 800MHz core speed (with i.MX537), the faster graphics core enables a more responsive user experience, and a higher level of system integration.

Industrial Applications
The VAB-800 board provides key environmental differentiators for the industrial market. These include a small compact Pico-ITX form factor and lower manufacturing costs, extended temperature coverage for harsh environments (with i.MX537), industrial qualification for extended reliability and a formal guarantee to support product life spans.

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