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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk Wide Temp MLC SSD for Military/Aerospace/Vehicle Applications
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[Taipei, Taiwan] - September 27, 2011 - InnoDisk Corporation, a technology leading manufacturer and solution provider of NAND flash and DRAM storage products, today announces a new generation 2.5" MLC (multi-level cell) SSD Wide Temp version: the EverGreen (WT) & the EverGreen Plus (WT), for Military, Aerospace and Vehicle applications. InnoDisk EverGreen Series SSD is renowned for its high performance and long lifespan, whereas the applications are mostly in commercial storage market, such as POS, KIOSK and Thin Client systems. Now with the new EverGreen (WT) version ready, InnoDisk is expected to expand its MLC SSD product line to the military/aerospace and vehicle markets.

The industrial-grade MLC SSDs are mostly applied in POS, KIOSK, Automation and Thin Client system, which are for commercial use. Customers with higher standards looking for mission critical solutions are more likely to choose SLC (Single-level Cell) SSD instead of MLC SSDs. SLC SSDs, though with better lifespan and endurance, cost a lot more than traditional MLC SSD. Hence, when companies are looking to replace HDD with SSD, they would choose the cost-effective MLC SSD rather than SLC SSD. However, traditional MLC SSD has three major technical shortages: short lifespan, low read/write speed, and high power consumption (15% higher than SLC SSD). To solve these problems becomes one of the issues of most storage manufacturers.

Ten Times Longer Lifespan & Better Performance
The EverGreen Series MLC SSD is InnoDisk´s solution to the above MLC dilemma. It is developed under a highly evolved firmware, L2 architecture. This firmware largely increases the lifespan for traditional MLC SSD. In comparison with other MLC SSDs, the EverGreen SSD will last 10 times longer. The advanced EverGreen Plus Series have an amazing 140 times more lifespan, that is 7 times longer lifespan than the traditional SLC SSD (in 4CH/16GB standards). The EverGreen Series MLC SSDs exceeds the traditional SLC SSD by lower pricing and higher performance.

Wide Temp, High Quality for Extreme Conditions
In addition to the incredibly long lifespan, InnoDisk´s new EverGreen (WT) Series SSD carries the characteristics of reliability, stability and high endurance of industrial SSD products. The EverGreen (WT) Series can sustain in extreme environments (-40°C to +85°C); this feature makes it suitable for the systems or equipments with high demands in temperature. The EverGreen (WT) Series SSD also provides options for coating so as to meet the harsh condition like humidity. The more advanced EverGreen Plus (WT) Series SSD has built-in iCell technology, which combines firmware & hardware for better power supply. Evergreen Plus (WT) is able to keep writing data into flash from the DRAM buffer when abrupt power cut happens. In this case, InnoDisk´s new EverGreen Series guarantees no data loss, for even the most extreme rugged conditions.

"For POS, KIOSK, ATM, Automation systems, the storage data, in most of cases, are under 128KB." InnoDisk Product Manager, Karen Lin, says, "InnoDisk´s L2 firmware architecture is designed for these markets. With accurate algorithm to release data compression and transferring, EverGreen (WT) Series SSD is a technology breakthrough for its lifespan, which now is 10 times longer than any other MLC SSDs out there in the market. It also has excellent IOPS performance, which allows stable and continuous data transfer. The EverGreen Plus (WT) can even reach 2.1K IOPS."

InnoDisk has accumulated many customer experiences to make the EverGreen Series SSD the best solution on the market. It has longer life span, high performance, and it is cost-effective; these values have far exceeded the traditional MLC SSDs in terms of quality and pricing. InnoDisk is proud to provide 3 years warranty for EverGreen (WT) Series and 6 years for EverGreen Plus (WT) Series, compare to most other flash storage vendors with normally 1~2 years extended warranty. The EverGreen (WT) Series SSDs have capacity from 16GB to 256GB, and is soon becoming the best solution for Military, Aerospace, and Vehicle applications.
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