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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk PCIeDOM II won the Best Choice 2011 Award
작성자 : 관리자  작성일 : 2011.10.12   조회수 : 1684
PCIeDOM II features
  1. Smallest PCI Express Disk Module
  2. Excellent Performance (330MB/s, IOPS 15000)
  3. Plug & Play, Easy Installation(Patented Mechanical Design)
  4. Benefits of Flexibility in Mother Board Design
  5. Small in Volume, Large in Capacity (Only 25% Volume of Normal PCIe Device)
  6. Reliability and Optimized Lifespan
  7. Anti-Shock & Anti-Vibration
  8. Built-in ECC & Wear Leveling Architecture

from 446 products submitted by nearly 170 exhibitors, there are only 34 awarding products. Especially, InnoDisk PCIeDOM II, in Data Storage section, won the approval of the dudges again, after 2009 SATADOM won the Best Choice (BC Award). 
InnoDisk PCIeDOM II is a revolutionary innovation of disk on module with PCI Express interface, which brings you a new generation of storage solution, especially for embedded system and server application.PCI Express has been adopted as a mainstream interface of storage, which dramatically increases data transfer bandwidth and application performance. Compared with the existing PCIe devices on the market, PCIeDOM II comes with unique design as well as patented mechanism, extreme low-profile, tiny-sized and also solid storage device.

PCIeDOM II has the height of 2.38 cm only, and the volume is only 17.1cm3 which is about 25% of normal SSD, and significantly avoids mechanical interference of system and delivers a very easy way for installation. What you have to do is just "Plug and Play", without any extra tool. Benefited from such an innovative mechanical design as well, PCIeDOM II brings the flexibility while designing and mother board. That is, board makers do not have to design PCIe socket along with backplane. Moreover, with such an intelligent mechanism, the ability of anti-shock anti-vibration is enhanced accordingly.

PCIeDOM II let you experience the hi-speed transfer rate. The sustained read/write is up to 330MB and 160MB per second respectively and outstandingly the IOPS of 4 KB is even up to 15000. Advantaged the firmware structure, PCIeDOM II is able to significantly decreases boot-up time, only taking 6 seconds to load the OS. Additionally, because PCIeDOM II has built-in ECC function, block management, and wear leveling architecture as well, you can enjoy the most reliable and lifespan-extended disk module.
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