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[InnoDisk] DDR3 Mini-DIMM: First 8GB Mini-DIMM Solution
작성자 : 관리자(  작성일 : 2012.07.02   조회수 : 2014
Taipei, Taiwan, June.04, 2012 - In June 2012, InnoDisk announces a high density 8GB DDR3 Mini-DIMM into industrial PC market. This new type of memory provides the highest DRAM density solution for small form factors, networkings, high-end computers, telecom switches, and RAID storages etc. systems. In addition, InnoDisk DDR3 Mini-DIMM will not compromise to the reliability and performance of existing DDR2 type Mini-DIMMs. InnoDisk DDR3 Mini-DIMM dimension applies the same numbers of VDD and VSS as the standard DRAM module. Moreover PLL and register or ECC function designs type provide clear data signals and ensure system operation quality for all industrial applications.

In 2008, Jedec published DDR2 Mini-DIMM specification officially. Since this memory module applies the Tree Topology design, the DDR2 Mini-DIMM generation is really critical to ensure excellent signal integrity. But InnoDisk DDR3 Mini-DIMM improved poor signal via associated Command/Address and clocks cycles with ?Fly-By? structure which is not only demonstrates a significant result on 2GB and 4GB density, but also 8GB or even higher density.

InnoDisk DDR3 fly-by topology design meets most system requirements and extends an extra option for system to detach from onboard register and PLL with lower latency. Even compare with higher rank module types, InnoDisk 244-pin Mini-DIMM has the advantage on maintain the clear signaling with normal 240-pin standard DRAM module.

In conclusion, InnoDisk DDR3 Mini-DIMM family is the perfect memory solution for both light loading and heavy loading server/workstation IPC systems. With its impressive power consumption, lower CAS Latency, and significant air-flow resistant, InnoDisk DDR3 Mini-DIMM family plus InnoDIsk iDIMM families deliver industrial customer a complete turn-key memory solution with amazing system quality and performance.

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