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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk to Expand USA Office for Industrial / Server Storage Applications
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FREMONT, Calif. - October 4, 2011 - InnoDisk Corporation, a technology leading manufacturer and solution provider of NAND flash and DRAM storage products, today announces the expansion of the USA office in Fremont, California. Innodisk has purchased a new building to increase its production and testing capacity to continue to meet higher demands and to provide faster product delivery. The new facility is also the business and support center for various industries such as Military/Defense, Aviation, Gaming, Medical, Networking, Server, Storage, Transportation and many more, to offer on-time supports.

Since the acquisition of Actica Inc., a prominent Server DRAM producer, earlier this year, InnoDisk has expanded its solutions in the Server, High Performance Computing and Cloud markets. InnoDisk has a long reputation and enjoys steady growth of business in the industrial storage products in the USA market. After merge, InnoDisk actively pushes its high class SSD products into the valuable potentials of server market through the Actica channels. InnoDisk´s strategy is to paint the USA market with two brushes - keep growing in the industrial storage market and push the cloud computing server market - and now the strategy looks promising.

With over 10 years experiences in combined industry experience in channel distribution, system integration and memory modules manufacturing, InnoDisk comes to realize that demands of the industry and the urgency of support from our customers are of high priority. In terms of the server business, InnoDisk has qualified its 16GB Registered DiMM and VLP modules at ASUS, Intel, Supermicro and Tyan. A new Actica Server series: SATADOM D150QV-L and PCIe DOM, is just released to focus on the high performance, large capacity and low profile form factor, to meet the special requirements for this market segment.

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